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Say goodbye to cluttered thoughts and missed opportunities. Let take over to organize and analyze every crucial moment and action item in your meetings.

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    Fast Processing

    Drowning in meeting notes with no time to sort them out? Let handle the job. Our platform swiftly processes and organizes your notes, transforming them into actionable tasks, comprehensive guides, or detailed reports in no time.

    AI-Powered Accuracy

    Trust in the precision of Our platform is built on advanced AI algorithms to deliver unmatched accuracy in summarizing and organizing your meeting notes. Embrace a new standard of reliability and quality in your meeting documentation.

    Customizable Organization

    Your notes, your rules. With, gain the flexibility to organize meeting notes according to your preferences. Our platform offers customizable tagging and categorization features, empowering you to efficiently manage and retrieve important meeting details with ease.

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Effortlessly Turn Meeting Notes into Action Items

Fast Processing

You wrap up a meeting and, before you even refill your coffee, your notes are organized, summarized, and ready to kickstart action. That's the speed we're talking about at Our AI-powered tool swiftly processes your notes, allowing you to leap from discussion to doing in no time. Forget about the drag of note processing. Focus instead on making decisions and moving forward.

No matter the size of your meeting marathon, will keep pace. This means every insight, every decision, and every action item is ready for you, without missing a beat. Scale doesn't scare us. Let handle the heavy lifting, so you can stay nimble, responsive, and always a step ahead.

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Fast Processing

Smart Organization

With, your meeting notes are sorted, tagged, and categorized for more convenient use. Whether it's by department, the project scope, or the role, our automatic meeting notes in Teams tool will break down notes into categories to enhance accessibility and trackability. Easily review and refer back to the discussion points without missing any crucial details.

And because we know the devil is in the details, breaks down your notes into digestible, easy-to-navigate pieces. Headings, subheadings, bullet points, numbered lists—you name it, we organize it. This means you can forget about endless scrolls through monolithic blocks of text. Instead, we ensure every key point, action item, and decision is neatly presented.

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Smart Organization

Searchable and Shareable

Make your meeting notes fully searchable and effortlessly shareable with This means zero headaches when you need to pinpoint specific details or spread crucial insights across your team. Turn information into action, easily and quickly using AI.

Streamline information retrieval and dissemination once the meeting is wrapped up with Transform your notes into a powerful resource for collaboration and knowledge sharing to build a culture of transparency and inclusivity within the team or organization.

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Searchable and Shareable

Maximizing Efficiency with Teams Automatic Meeting Notes Organizer


Utilize Our Formatting Tools turns endless paragraphs into clear, concise points of action. Use bullet points, headings, and bold text to highlight important details. Enhance readability and make it easier for team members to grasp the critical points from the meeting.

By leveraging our formatting tools, you create organized and structured meeting notes. This means quicker reference, better understanding, and a team that's always aligned and ready to roll.


Assign Action Items

Right after your meeting wraps up, steps in to make sure action doesn't just stay on paper. With our platform, you can create action items and then assign them to your team members. Streamline the task delegation process and ensure responsibilities are clearly defined and documented.

By pinpointing responsibilities right from your meeting notes using, you foster a culture of accountability. Everyone knows their part while staying in the loop and moving in sync with collective goals. Let's turn those meeting insights into action, effortlessly.


Encourage Collaboration

Foster collaboration by encouraging team members to use and contribute to the meeting notes. Promote inclusivity and diverse perspectives to obtain comprehensive and well-rounded meeting summaries that capture various insights and viewpoints.

Leverage the collective expertise and knowledge of members for more thorough and actionable meeting records. Let be the loom that brings all those threads together.


Review and Update Regularly

Keep your meeting notes in the now with Regular updates mean your notes always mirror the latest developments and decisions. No more confusion or outdated info cluttering your path to success.

With, notes become a dynamic, up-to-date guide for whatever comes next. Stay current, stay clear, and keep pushing forward, with every update ensuring your notes are as relevant today as they were the moment the meeting ended.


Utilize Customization Features

with, your note processing becomes as unique as your team's needs. Our platform tailors the experience to fit you perfectly. From structuring your notes to offering insightful recommendations, adapts to your workflow, not the other way around.

Whether you prefer your action items highlighted in a certain way or need your summaries to follow a specific format, is your go-to.

Streamlining Collaboration with Meeting Notes Optimization Tool

Discover how our AI-powered meeting notes tool revolutionizes the way teams collaborate and document discussions by effortlessly organizing valuable meeting insights.


Demonstrate how automated meeting notes in Teams can be used to assign action items and streamline task management for team meetings.

Draft generated by Justdone:

As the team lead, you can utilize automated meeting notes in Teams to seamlessly assign action items to team members during the meeting. By directly inputting the action items within the notes, you can ensure that responsibilities are clear, and tasks are promptly delegated. This approach promotes transparency and accountability within the team, as all action items are documented within the context of the meeting discussions.

Furthermore, you can leverage the integrated task management features within Teams to link specific action items to relevant team members, set due dates, and track the progress of tasks directly from the meeting notes. This streamlines the task assignment process and provides a centralized platform for managing and monitoring ongoing action items. Team members can easily access their assigned tasks within the meeting notes, ensuring clarity and alignment on individual responsibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is automatic meeting notes processing?

Automatic meeting notes processing refers to generating comprehensive meeting summaries using AI technology. offers advanced AI tools that can systematize and structure meeting discussions, helping teams save time and stay organized. provides AI-powered tools that can summarize, format, and analyze meeting notes. By leveraging the latest AI models, ensures accurate and efficient processing of conversation takeaways, enhancing productivity for teams.
Yes, can seamlessly structure your notes after your Microsoft Teams meetings. It intelligently organizes, analyzes, and structures your notes, transforming them into clear, actionable items and insights.
By utilizing's AI tools, you can enhance collaboration, improve information retention, and streamline post-meeting follow-ups. This ensures that valuable insights and action items are effectively captured and shared.'s AI tools utilize advanced natural language processing to summarize and organize meeting discussions, ensuring the quality and coherence of your notes. This empowers teams to capture and leverage valuable meeting content efficiently.
Yes, offers customization options to tailor the format and structure of meeting notes based on individual preferences. This flexibility allows teams to create meeting summaries that align with their specific needs and workflows.

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